This is the end of my queue. I don’t have much else to say other than I have left here. For good I don’t know. But I have learned to hate this place and the people within with relative ease. I don’t want to constantly be bullied and fear for being who I am. I’m enjoying myself much better without this place. If you want to talk to me ask but otherwise I’m gone from here. A lot of my other friends have left for the better from this website and its terrible way of acting.


Derreenavoggy Colliery (Arigna) by abandonedminesofirelandofficial on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
What remains of one of the two existing drifts at Derreenavoggy Colliery. The other drift along side this was collapsed and dangerous to enter.


Bavaria Building

Bogotá, Colombia

Built in 1963, an iconic building of the downtown of Bogotá and was also the first skyscraper in Colombia, old building of the Bavaria Brewery, today, at potential risk of being removed from the skyline.


Do you like Frog?

okay I doodles Greninja <3


hamburg wilhelmsburg (j)




Studentenhaus Am Hafnerriegel, Graz, Werkgruppe Graz, 1961-64. View this on the map


Ginza, June 1972 (by m20wc51)

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