James Heller…fml…

Lmao Alex Mercer. James help me

My animal crossing character???

Niko Bellic. fuck

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    Ogod slenderman,zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Commander Shepard from Mass Effect…Well shit…I’m screwed!!!!
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    Fledgling thaumaturge living in skcraft Alice? I’m screwed.
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    Minecraft steve looking like zone-tan… idk. somewhat concerned?
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    I don’t think World of Tanks has a main character, so will go back to game before that, Mass Effect 1 Shepard is a Level...
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    Connor Kenway…time to plunder booty…wait…GET THE BLOODY CANNONS
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    The fruit ninja
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    Monkey D. Luffy…
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    New Dante for DmC…shit…
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    Also having the slenderman issue…
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    Starkiller… well fuck me sideways and call me a bitch why don’t ya?
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    …Raistlin Majere. Yeah, i’m hosed.
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    Chosen Undead from dark souls. It depends if they’re acting like ME when hunting me down. If so, I think I’m safe. Poor...
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    Meh, Yumme Nikki. Wait… UBOAAAA
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    Steve (?)? D:
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    minecraft Steve. I’m gonna be fine.
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    Batman, I guess some of my bones will be broken. :-/
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    Anikan Skywalker is hunting me down!? (sigh) dead no matter wat i do.
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    Shepard is dead so I’m good.
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    Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV. Psh, he won’t kill me.
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    The Pyro class in TF2. I’m about to become BBQ and he/she’s gonna think he/she’s shooting bubbles at me. ;~;
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    The Dovahkiin. Who happens to be a Vampire Lord, and highly trained in melee as well as sniping with a bow from great...
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    Ezio nooooooo!
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    im so fucked
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    slender man
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    My Mage warden…so fucked. That bitch is crazy.
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    The Hero of Bowerstone. This does not bode well for me
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    Big Daddy from fucking Bioshock 2. D: That’s not even fair.
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